Cosmetic & Reconstructive Eyelid Surgery

Cosmetic and Reconstructive Eyelid Surgery

Cosmetic and Reconstructive Eyelid Treatment options we offer

Vancouver Eye Care is proud to offer a wide range of oculoplastic surgical procedures. Oculoplastic surgery involves cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the eyelids, brows, orbits (bones around the eyes) and tear drainage system. Some of the more common procedures performed at Vancouver Eye Care are Blepharoplasty, Ptosis Repair, Entropion Repair, Orbital Surgery, Tearing and Skin Cancer.

Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery, Eyelid Lift)

This surgery is often performed to improve visual function by excising the excessive skin and fat from the upper, and sometimes lower, eyelids. When the eyelids are literally blocking a significant amount of the upper or peripheral field of vision, insurance will typically pay for the procedure. A very similar procedure can be performed for cosmetic reasons to enhance the appearance of the eyelids. However, when a blepharoplasty is performed for cosmetic reasons insurance does not cover the procedure.

Ptosis Repair

When an eyelid is drooping, resulting from a separated or torn muscle that normally raises the eyelid, a levator aponeurotic surgery can be performed to restore the natural height of the eyelid. Ptosis repair is sometimes combined with a blepharoplasty.

Entropion Repair

The aging eyelid may rotate towards the eye causing chronic irritation. This can be repaired using a
number of different surgical techniques depending upon the underlying etiology.

Orbital Surgery

The bones around the eyes can be broken in trauma. Large fractures can result in displacement of the eye causing disabling double vision. Delicate surgical techniques are required to repair these types of injuries.


A patient may have chronic tearing for a number of different reasons. Malpositioned eyelids, a narrow opening to a tear drain, or complete obstruction of the tear drain are among the most common causes. Different surgical techniques are available depending upon the underlying cause. For example, a narrow tear duct opening may be opened in the office with a five minute procedure called a punctoplasty. At the other extreme, a blocked nasal lacrimal duct (tear duct) may require a one-hour procedure which is performed under general anesthesia at the hospital.

Skin Cancer

Skin cancer can affect the delicate eyelids. The most common skin cancers of the eyelids are sun-induced basal cell carcinoma. These can be resected in the office with frozen margin controls to minimize the chance of recurrence. The defect is then repaired using a variety of reconstructive techniques.


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